The Arbor Impact Calculator: Shopify's First Free Emissions Measurement Tool

Learn about Arbor's innovative, free emissions measurement tool specifically designed for Shopify users. Start your sustainability journey with Arbor, for free!
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June 7, 2024
The Arbor Impact Calculator: Shopify's First Free Emissions
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We all see claims like "sustainably sourced" or "100% carbon neutral" to appeal to consumers' appetite for products and brands that align with their values.

But to shop for sustainability, consumers face barriers such as limited access, affordability, and lack of clarity between facts and marketing fluff. With supply chain disruptions and daily business tasks, Shopify merchants are often pressed for time. And you know who else doesn’t have a lot of time? The planet.

Brands Have a Role to Play

Fashion brands are responsible for prioritizing sustainability, yet the industry has fallen short in making sustainability fashionable and desirable. Regulators, the United Nations, and consumer protection agencies urge fashion brands to prioritize sustainability. This failure of the industry to embrace sustainability perpetuates a disconnect between customers' priorities and their purchasing behaviour.

But how can e-commerce businesses effectively leverage their sustainability and communicate it to their consumers? A free app that integrates with any Shopify store in minutes and automatically calculates a product's carbon footprint is a great place to start.

How It Works

The Arbor Impact Calculator helps Shopify merchants measure the co2 emissions of their products and showcase the impact to their customers. To install Arbor on a Shopify store, follow the guide.

Key features:

Automatically pull product data and provide CO2 emissions for your products in real time

Free to use and easy to integrate with Shopify apparel stores. It works seamlessly on any device and does not interfere with the functionality of a shop’s POS. The Arbor Impact Calculator will automatically pull your product data and provide co2 emissions for the products in real time.

Customize the showcase widget to fit your website

We present customers with clear and comprehensive data by showcasing the carbon savings directly on the Shopify store’s website.

View the analytics to see if your efforts are working

Monitor metrics using the analytics dashboard and see how Arbor impacts (pun intended) sales. Check out our Case Study to see how our impact calculations improved Nudniks's bottom-line metrics by 18%.

Request a scope 3 emissions report

What about a Scope 3 emissions report? Not a problem. We can generate an impact report on the upstream scope 3 emissions with little manual entry by the merchant.

Why This Matters

According to the new EU Green Claims Directive, 94% of Europeans say that protecting the environment is important to them, and 68% agree that their personal consumption habits have a negative impact on the environment, not just in Europe but around the world. Merchants must ensure that every interaction point with consumers, from products and digital platforms, to marketing campaigns, show off their sustainability efforts. This accountability empowers merchants to make informed decisions regarding product marketing and underscores a commitment to responsible practices and transparency.

It helps substantiate green claims. The Arbor Impact Calculator gives companies a competitive edge who are seeking to substantiate the green claims of environmental responsibility. By comparing the  sustainability of their products to conventional options, merchants can identify areas for improvement and capitalize on opportunities for growth. When making a green claim about products or services, evidence is important to back it up. These comparisons can help clarify a company's unique value proposition for investors and stakeholders and give merchants a leg up for regulatory compliance, such as AGEC in France or the US SEC’s rules for climate-related disclosure.

To meet the needs of today’s socially-conscious customers, businesses need to understand the impact their activities have on the environment—and data and digitization can help.  This tool isn’t just about automated data collection but also automated disclosure, providing an accessible way to manage business risk in increasingly volatile times.

Download the app here. Don’t have a Shopify store but still want to try the dashboard? Create an account for a free demo.

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The Arbor Impact Calculator: Shopify's First Free Emissions Measurement Tool