Supply chain carbon calculations & sustainable procurement

Quickly measure the carbon impact of materials, suppliers, assets, and projects, guided by a team of data experts. Authentically benchmark and share your green initiatives to make informed, data-driven decisions towards achieving net zero.
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Regulatory Pressure

of global carbon emissions are from the buildings and construction sector
Source: IEA
Arbor ensures you're ahead of the legislative curve by providing up-to-date data and reporting, aligned with current and future regulations

Changing Customer Preferences

$1.3 Trillion
is the expected size of the green building market by 2023
Arbor helps you gain a competitive edge by quantifying your sustainability initiatives, helping you stand out among your competition

Data Accessibility

5 min
to calculate carbon emissions, down from the industry standard of 26 hours
Arbor’s easy-to-use tools save you time by automating complex calculations, and our team of experts is always there to guide you

Easily access accurate carbon data specific to construction

Carbon Calculator

Arbor uses a blend of primary and secondary data to map out and apply carbon impact for every project or product within your supply chain. Where data is unavailable, Arbor employs worst case assumptions in order to get you started with minimal information required. Arbor meets and exceed global carbon reporting standards, providing you with trusted and accurate CO₂e measurements.
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Carbon Reporting

Arbor is a GRI-licensed platform (Global Reporting Initiative). We provide a wide range of reporting options, from yearly impact reports to custom project reports, enabling you to disclose with confidence. 
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Carbon Insights

Arbor’s insights will provide actionable recommendations to help you identify opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and forecast potential emissions savings.  
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Carbon Transparency

Share your sustainability story with confidence and authenticity, highlighting your commitment to sustainability for lenders, customers and the next generation of buyers. 
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"With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, Arbor’s software streamlines impact assessments. We plan to continue our collaboration through 2023."

Unparalleled data quality

Data with a purpose

Arbor focuses on providing region-specific data, so you're not stuck relying on broad global averages. Alongside this, a robust Data Quality Rating (DQR) system ensures that each data point goes through a meticulous assessment. This system integrates primary and secondary data in every analysis and uses graded metrics for accurate accountability, offering you a more trustworthy and clear picture of your carbon landscape.

Multi-framework methodology

When it comes to measuring your carbon footprint, Arbor integrates multiple frameworks such as the GHG Protocol and PEFCR. This methodology approach empowers compliance with regulations and measures a product's lifecycle from cradle-to-gate. The added trust of being a GRI-certified platform further solidifies the credibility of the information you receive, making your path towards effective carbon management clearer.


From streamlined data entry to straightforward results, Arbor is built to remove the complexity and enable you to understand your carbon footprint with ease.

Built for all

Whether your organization is just starting or well along its way, Arbor’s platform provides easily accessible data for every step of the journey.

Accurate data

Make informed decisions using reliable data. From local materials to global construction trends, we offer accurate benchmarking to guide your projects.

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