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Arbor helps municipalities measure the emissions of fleets and assets. Support your grant applications with Arbor’s data to apply for funding to upgrade your municipality and reduce your carbon footprint.
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Arbor eco Fleet Emissions Tracker for Municipalities Hero Sustainability Carbon Management
$1.02 trillion
available in green funding total from FCM
$182 million
in green funding available to municipalities in Canada in 2024
50 percent
of Canada's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are influenced by municipalities

Transform your municipality with green funding

Municipalities are in a unique position to capitalize on emission disclosures and emission reduction. With millions of dollars available for municipalities to measure emissions, set plans for reduction, and implement reduction techniques, they have the opportunity to modernize their infrastructure at a subsidized cost.

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Arbor eco Fleet Emissions Tracker for Municipalities Hero Carbon Management Carbon Emissions Fleet Footprint
Arbor's Fleet Emissions Tracker helps you measure the carbon footprint of your fleet. Highlight potential upgrades, and identify environmental grant opportunities. Add your assets in and get actionable insights on reducing your carbon emissions.
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“Arbor's solution for municipalities manages carbon emissions data, driving better investment decisions and a competitive edge for communities.”
Seth Leon QUEST Canada
Seth Leon
Manager of Programs and Projects

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Audit-grade, certified carbon data

Arbor provides municipalities with precise tools to measure greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. By using region-specific data and an advanced Data Quality Rating system, Arbor offers accurate and reliable insights. This approach ensures compliance with various environmental standards and methodologies, including the GHG Protocol for Cities and Net Zero Guidelines, and our platform is GRI-licensed.
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