Efficiently declare your embedded emissions for the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

Seamlessly collect primary data from suppliers and leverage region-specific precision in every EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) declaration.

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Arbor for CBAM Compliance ― Carbon measurement | Arbor

Overcoming the hurdles of CBAM Declaration Requirements

In-depth supplier data collection

Extracting precise supplier data hinges on asking the right questions, a task that becomes increasingly difficult with complex global supply chains.

Accuracy and reliability of emissions data

Unaddressed gaps in supplier data can significantly undermine the integrity of carbon reporting, posing a significant risk to compliance efforts.

Quarterly reporting requirements

This rigorous schedule leaves little room for error or delays, amplifying the pressure to maintain up-to-date and accurate emissions records.

Start streamlining your CBAM compliance journey today.

Arbor simplifies CBAM compliance with an integrated platform that handles data collection, ensures the highest accuracy calculations, and streamlines quarterly reporting.

Ease Your In-Depth CBAM Compliance Burdens

See how Arbor’s Platform helps lower the complexity of CBAM reporting requirements

Arbor for CBAM Compliance ― Carbon measurement | Arbor

Supply-Chain Data Collection

Arbor’s Data Collection feature simplifies the process of collecting primary data from suppliers, leading to more straightforward CBAM compliance, and reducing the need for arduous manual data entry.

Insightful GHG Analysis

Arbor’s platform offers detailed hotspot analyses, helping you identify significant sources of embedded emissions within your supply chain. This enables targeted strategies for reduction and improvement.

Efficiency & Scalability

With features designed for automation and ease of use, Arbor's platform enables businesses to quickly compile and submit the necessary emissions data every quarter. This ensures that companies can easily adjust and scale their reports, making compliance an ongoing and manageable task, rather than a quarterly hurdle.


Unparalleled data quality

Data with a purpose

Arbor focuses on providing region-specific data, so you're not stuck relying on broad global averages. Alongside this, a robust Data Quality Rating (DQR) system ensures that each data point goes through a meticulous assessment. This system integrates primary and secondary data in every analysis and uses graded metrics for accurate accountability, offering you a more trustworthy and clear picture of your carbon landscape.

Multi-framework methodology

When it comes to measuring your carbon footprint, Arbor integrates multiple frameworks such as the GHG Protocol and PEFCR. This methodology approach empowers compliance with regulations and measures a product's lifecycle from cradle-to-gate. The added trust of being a GRI-certified platform further solidifies the credibility of the information you receive, making your path towards effective carbon management clearer.