Arbor is making carbon responsibility easy for any company

Arbor is your guide to understanding your company's carbon impact. We're all about making sustainability simple and approachable. With Arbor, you gain a clear view into your supply chain's environmental effects, enabling you to make better decisions for both your business and the planet. We're here to help you make sense of it all, no judgment included.
Arbor started out as a shared dream among 4 individuals, working out of a basement to make sustainability a simple and easy process.

Since then, we've been working with industry-leading companies, pioneering their carbon strategy. We launched the Carbon Calculator with customers around the world, and generated revenue. We visited new countries and formed long-lasting partnerships.⁠

Above all, as we’ve continued growing, we've retained who we are and why we started doing this in the first place. Our mission and vision is reflected through our company culture every single day.

If you pick anyone from our team and ask them how they feel about the work they're doing with Arbor, you'd have to cancel your entire afternoon and you'd leave the conversation inspired.

The number one reason we got here so quickly is because of our team. The most dedicated, passionate, and brilliant people I've ever met in my life.
Alex Todorovic
CEO & Co-founder
We have employees who have lived in Canada their whole lives, but we also have many employees who have immigrated to Canada from around the world who bring a unique perspective from their experiences. Arbor is a place where everyone is encouraged to bring their whole selves to work, and they are accepted.
Sarah Mathers
Legal & People Operations Manager

Diversity drives us

What really sets us apart is the wide range of backgrounds on our team. From day one, we knew that different perspectives make us stronger and smarter. Everyone at Arbor is encouraged to be their full self, and it shows in our work.

Our team makes us strong

Data is crucial to what we do, and so are the diverse minds behind it. While the tech sector often leans one way, Arbor is different. We take pride in our team's diverse makeup, which includes strong representation from women. It's not just talk; we walk the walk.
It's so refreshing working with an organization where diversity and inclusion is more than just a buzzword. Where 43% of leadership roles are held by women! Arbor truly values women’s contribution, expertise and leadership in a traditionally male dominated space.
Sydney Conway
Business Development & Experience Manager