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How to Install Arbor’s Widget on Your Shopify Store

Explore our guide on How to Install Arbor’s Widget on Your Shopify Store. Get accurate insights to manage and minimize your carbon impact.
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Michael Vereb
Michael Vereb
Creative Lead

In this guide, you'll learn how to install the Arbor app, create an Arbor account, and integrate it seamlessly with your Shopify store. We'll walk you through setting up your website with Arbor, connecting the platform to Shopify, and customizing your Shopify theme settings to showcase product emissions. By the end, you'll be equipped to use Arbor's tools effectively to measure and manage your product's carbon footprint, ensuring you can communicate your sustainability credentials authentically and with confidence.

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How to Install Arbor’s Widget on Your Shopify Store

Install the Arbor app & create an Arbor account

  1. In Shopify's App Store, search for "Arbor ‑ Carbon Management" in the top search bar and install it
  2. Visit to sign up and confirm your account

Setup your website with Arbor

In Arbor's platform (

  1. Navigate to the "Install" tab
  2. Click the "Setup" button on the Arbor Shopify App option
  3. Add the domain name or URL of the website you want to use to showcase product emissions on the Install page of Arbor's platform
  4. Then, click "Generate a Private API Key" and copy the API Key

Connect Arbor to Shopify

In your Shopify admin portal (

  1. Click on "Apps" then click on or search for "Arbor - Carbon Management"
  2. Paste the API Key you generated and click "Save"
  3. Click "Sync Products"

Customize Shopify theme settings

In your Shopify admin portal (

  1. Under Sales channels, click "Themes" then click the "Customize" button
  2. Click the "App embeds" icon on the left navigation panel, then set Arbor's app to enabled (blue)
  3. Now, in the top navigation bar, click on the page selector dropdown and choose "Products" then your "Default product" template (it may be named differently)
  4. Then on the left, click "Add block" and find Arbor's app block. Place it wherever you would like Arbor's showcase widget to appear
  5. Click "Save" in the top right to save the changes you made

Additional tips

  1. Security Note: Keep your API Key confidential, as it grants access to sensitive information.
  2. Visibility Note: Arbor will only display a widget on your store if you've specified allowed domains in step 2 and your product emissions are less than the category average for that product.
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How to Install Arbor’s Widget on Your Shopify Store
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