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Arbor for Financed Emissions ― Carbon measurement | Arbor

Reporting financed emissions comes with its challenges

Data Availability and Quality

Financial institutions struggle to obtain comprehensive emissions data from their investment portfolios.

Complexity of Calculations

The diversity of financial portfolios and the indirect nature of financed emissions introduce complex challenges, requiring sophisticated models to attribute emissions accurately.

Scaling Reporting Efforts

As the demand for transparency in climate impact grows, financial institutions face the daunting task of scaling their financed emissions reporting efforts.

Arbor streamlines the process by providing scalable, accurate data solutions.

Leading banks and consultants are choosing Arbor as a carbon data partner due to the higher availability of data, increased PCAF scores, and unlimited scalability.

Ease your transition into financed emissions

See below how Arbor helps Financial Institutions report on their financed emissions

Arbor for Financed Emissions ― Carbon measurement | Arbor

Enhanced Accuracy and Reliability

Arbor's use of both primary and high-quality secondary data, alongside adherence to global standards, ensures that financial institutions can count on the accuracy and reliability of their financed emissions assessments.

Scalable Reporting Solutions

Leveraging an engine that has the capacity to utilize millions of data points, Arbor delivers solutions that adapt to your expanding portfolio, facilitating detailed and accurate emissions reporting for a wide range of investments and loans.

Seamless Integrations

Arbor's platform is designed to integrate effortlessly with financial institutions' existing data warehousing solutions, such as PLMs and ERPs, and features an intuitive data collection interface. This facilitates a smooth transition, significantly reducing the resource burden associated with financed emissions reporting.


Unparalleled data quality

Data with a purpose

Arbor focuses on providing region-specific data, so you're not stuck relying on broad global averages. Alongside this, a robust Data Quality Rating (DQR) system ensures that each data point goes through a meticulous assessment. This system integrates primary and secondary data in every analysis and uses graded metrics for accurate accountability, offering you a more trustworthy and clear picture of your carbon landscape.

Multi-framework methodology

When it comes to measuring your carbon footprint, Arbor integrates multiple frameworks such as the GHG Protocol and PEFCR. This methodology approach empowers compliance with regulations and measures a product's lifecycle from cradle-to-gate. The added trust of being a GRI-certified platform further solidifies the credibility of the information you receive, making your path towards effective carbon management clearer.