The World’s Most Accurate Carbon Management Platform

Quickly calculate the carbon impact of products, assets, and supply chains without compromising on accuracy. Arbor transforms data into actionable insights, paired with expert guidance, paving the way for your informed carbon strategy.
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Turn your carbon risk
into opportunity, with Arbor

Arbor’s expert approach cuts through the noise to provide you with the most accurate carbon calculations in the industry, enabling you to disclose with confidence.
With our reports, insights, and transparency, we empower your business with data-based decisions to capitalize on this growing market shift.
Step 1

Measure your carbon emissions

Arboreco Carbon Calculator Visual
Carbon Calculator

The highest precision in every number

Get started with minimal information. Using a blend of primary and secondary data, our automated carbon calculator seamlessly evaluates emissions across products, assets, and supply chains, with meticulous attention to detail.
Step 2

Navigate your carbon strategy

Arboreco Carbon Reporting Visual
Carbon Reporting

Disclose with confidence

Ensure compliance and transparency with Arbor's advanced reporting capabilities. Certified by Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Arbor’s suite of reports can be tailored to meet your unique needs.
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Carbon Insights

Transform data into actionable insights

Transform data into action with Arbor's Carbon Insights. Consider it your roadmap to emissions reduction - our tools and experts help you identify carbon hotspots and provide supplier analysis for sustainable procurement.
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Carbon Transparency

Your sustainability story, told right

With Arbor, your green claims stand on solid ground. Share your sustainability story with confidence and authenticity. Backed by data you can trust, providing the right information to stakeholders has never been this easy or this credible.

Unparalleled data quality

Compliant with GHG Protocol, EU Product Environmental Footprint, EU PEFCRs, PCAF, SBTi, ISO (14040, 14044, 14064) & our platform is licensed by GRI.

Audit-grade Standards

Arbor meets and exceeds global carbon reporting standards as a GRI-licensed platform, ensuring credibility for every calculation and disclosure. Arbor’s calculations follow multiple industry-leading frameworks including the EU Product Environmental Footprint, Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Science-based Targets and are compliant with ISO standards 14040, 14044 and 14064.

Precise to Your Supply Chain

Through industry-standard LCA databases, UN, and governmental sources, Arbor’s region-specific engine enriches data, providing you with information that is specific to your supply chain.

Comprehensive Calculations

Arbor works with you to pair your unique supply chain data with our secondary data, ensuring every step is accounted for. Where data is unavailable, we use worst-case assumptions to mitigate the risk of greenwashing.

Data Expertise and Accuracy

Accuracy of carbon calculations is paramount. With Arbor’s Data Quality Rating (DQR) system, every data point in your supply chain gets assessed to account for accuracy and relevancy. Each calculation is then ranked using the same DQR system, empowering your business with confidence in the calculations.
With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, Arbor’s software streamlines impact assessments, making it easier and faster for businesses to understand and decrease their carbon cost

Many industries, one solution

Tailoring Carbon Management into Every Thread

Tailoring Carbon Management into Every Thread

With Arbor's Platform, you’ll be able to measure your product carbon footprint and receive comprehensive insights into your supply chain, all within an easy to use interface.
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Investing in a Greener Tomorrow

Investing in a Greener Tomorrow

Measure, analyze and report on financed or leased emissions using asset and company specific emissions for all portfolios in the 6 categories outlined by PCAF standards.
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Investing in a Greener Tomorrow

Constructing a Low-Impact Future

From blueprint to building, Arbor’s construction offering can measure the impact of supplies, buildings or infrastructure, giving you a comprehensive view of your emissions to tell your green story with authenticity and make choices towards net zero.
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Circuiting Sustainability into Innovation

Circuiting Sustainability into Innovation

Arbor enables the electronics industry to minimize carbon impacts across product lifecycles. From analysis to Digital Product Passports, we facilitate compliance and innovation.

Versatile Carbon Solutions for Various Industries

Arbor extends its carbon management expertise to various sectors. Don’t see your industry on the list? Our data is extensive and our tools can be tailored to meet your unique needs - reach out to see how we can help!
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Precision is at the core of everything Arbor does. Arbor meticulously goes through the data and focuses on its accuracy, so you don’t have to. When making a decision based on our metrics, you can rest assured that you’re moving forward with the most reliable emissions data in the world. No guesswork, just facts.


Say goodbye to spreadsheets and costly studies. Arbor utilizes the power of automation and AI to reduce the time and cost required for emissions calculations. Arbor's system effortlessly aggregates data across multiple industries and supply chains to provide CO₂e estimations in minutes.


Navigating the ever changing world of Scope 3 emissions can be daunting, that’s why our team of experts is there to guide you every step of the way. Backed by Arbor's world-class Carbon Calculator, Arbor's team can steer you in the right direction, help with data collection, and provide you with a deeper understanding of your carbon emissions.

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