How to Measure a Product's Carbon Footprint

Explore our guide on How to Measure a Product's Carbon Footprint using Arbor's platform. Get accurate insights to manage and minimize your carbon impact.
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In this guide, you'll learn how to create a detailed product profile, including materials and manufacturing processes, add accessories and packaging details, and accurately input transportation activities. We'll also explore understanding hotspot analysis to identify key areas for carbon reduction. By the end, you'll be equipped to use Arbor's tools effectively to make informed carbon strategy decisions and authentically communicate your sustainability story.

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How to Measure a Product's Carbon Footprint

Creating a product

  1. Find the add product button

With Arbor’s free plan, you get 3 free all-access products

  1. Name your product
  2. Select the product type
  3. Helpful tips

Adding an Image URL

Adding material(s)

  1. Navigate to the materials tab
  2. Adding a material
  3. Adding a component

Adding accessories

  1. Navigate to the accessories tab
  2. Selecting an accessory type
  3. Adding accessory variation type
  4. Adding units

Adding manufacturing details

  1. Navigate to the manufacturing tab
  2. Selecting a country of manufacture
  3. Adding % waste and assembly time

Adding packaging details

  1. Navigate to the packaging tab
  2. Selecting a packaging type
  3. Selecting packaging variation type
  4. Adding units

Adding transportation activities

  1. Navigate to the transportation tab
  2. Select a starting country
  3. Choosing transport methods
  4. Adding stops
  5. Selecting a final destination
  6. Helpful tips

Rearranging stops

Review & Impact

  1. Navigate to the Review & Impact tab
  2. Review the product details you entered
  3. See the carbon emissions impact of your product

Understanding the Hotspot Analysis

  1. Navigate to the Hotspot Analysis tab
  2. See a breakdown of the sources of your product emissions
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How to Measure a Product's Carbon Footprint
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