Sustainability and Sports

Discover how sustainability is becoming increasingly relevant in sports and what measures are being taken to promote it.
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June 7, 2024
Linking Sustainability with the World of Sports
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Sports and fitness brands have a vested interest in the environmental health of the great outdoors, as the future of their business depends on it. Climate change represents a massive challenge for the industry, causing large-scale impacts on companies, industries, and individual athletes that cannot exist without a delicate equilibrium between human impact and the environment.

Over 90% of a brand’s environmental impact can be encapsulated within Scope 3 emissions, and minimal metrics tracking is currently done within Scope 3 due to the complex nature of supply chain analysis. While some companies have formed their entire brand, products, and image around sustainability, many sports and fitness companies are still working to catch up to new emissions disclosure regulations soon to be launched by governments worldwide.

The difficulties in tracking Scope 3 emissions are that it can take up to 25 hours of manual work to calculate a single product’s impact by utilizing currently available methods. It is also extremely difficult to discern the quality and accuracy of sustainability data. A brand’s value chain can be composed of hundreds, sometimes thousands of different key pieces, making it a very complex task for one company to tackle on their own. For these reasons, it’s no wonder that brands haven’t been able to grasp their Scope 3 emissions well.

Arbor has created a tool that automatically combines the impact of a product's raw material, processing, manufacturing and transportation to create an accurate and automated Scope 3 emissions report. Our B2B SaaS solution is designed to be simple to use, providing automated analysis of your product’s CO2e impact. We automatically fill in information where there are gaps within the value chain and enable users to input additional data points into our sustainability engine to map out a unique product’s supply chain journey. Once a product’s impact is assessed, Arbor’s software provides output options such as report generation, supply chain hot-spot analysis, and sustainability marketing materials.

Arbor x ISPO Partnership

As a leader within the sports and fitness industry, ISPO is constantly working to reduce its environmental footprint, understanding that change requires action, but action can only be made with proper benchmarking, target setting, and tracking. That’s why we’ve officially partnered with ISPO to help tackle the massive impact of climate change on the industry!

"It's clear to everyone that sustainability is an essential megatrend in the sports industry," says Lena Haushofer, the Exhibition Director of ISPO Munich & OutDoor by ISPO,  “But does this only apply to material trends? The answer is no, and ISPO Munich will highlight everything from social standards to B-Corps certifications and Circular Economy, promising that the trade show will get to the bottom of these and many other topics.”

We have come together with ISPO to offer attending brands of ISPO Munich 2022 up to five free product impact assessments through our sustainability portal. We will also provide brands with a custom QR code to display their products' sustainability at their booths, enabling them to communicate metrics directly with prospective buyers. Utilizing tangible and trustworthy data, your brand can showcase that your company is committed to sustainability, promoting a positive brand reputation and demonstrating your commitment to preserving the environment and the great outdoors directly to your customers.

Here’s How It Works:

Sign Up

Click on the link here to register your company on our portal (this will take less than 2 minutes).


Receive access to upload your five free products.


Explore the dashboard and measure the sustainability and impact of your products.


See how the Arbor dashboard lets you showcase positive metrics to your customers.

Once you’ve uploaded your products, you'll be able to choose which product impact assessment scores you’d like to showcase at ISPO through a printable QR code. With sustainability becoming increasingly important in retail buying decisions, there's no better way to show off your initiatives than tangibly showcasing your positive metrics to prospective customers and visitors. All for free!

We want to make the most of your attendance at ISPO Munich. That's why we are offering free on-site consultation services for product sustainability at our booth. Additionally, for attendees interested in expanding their product coverage, we will be offering ISPO Munich attendees an exclusive discount.

Why Does All This Matter?

Leveraging sustainability provides your brand with a competitive advantage.

Consumers and buyers are increasingly interested in brands that adopt sustainable practices. By utilizing sustainable strategies, such as measuring the CO2 impact of your products, you can help your customers make more informed decisions about their purchases while also improving your bottom line by matching supply with consumer demand.

As more and more environmental regulations are implemented, it is becoming increasingly crucial for brands to measure their carbon footprint. An easy-to-use tool to measure your brand’s carbon footprint will keep you compliant, competitive, and ahead of the curve.

Sustainability sells, but only if it’s done right. Consumers are quick to sniff out greenwashing claims; if your customers don’t believe them, it will do more harm than good for your brand. To ensure compliance, our sustainability engine is finely tuned to meet evolving standards and regulations the European Union sets each year, utilizing the most up-to-date data and methodologies. We provide your brand peace of mind along its journey to attain sustainability.

Where You Can Find Us At The Show

If you’re attending ISPO Munich this November 28th - 30th, you can find The Arbor team at the Sustainability Hub at booth 222-3. The Sustainability Hub in the Future Lab (Hall B2) is a designated area to support education, and information, spark interdisciplinary discussions and create a playing field for synergies in sustainability and social innovation,’ continues Lena Haushofer, “Also, pioneering brands, suppliers and other companies will showcase their best practice cases.”

Throughout ISPO Munich, we’ll offer attendees free CO2e assessments of up to 5 products through our dashboard and sustainability consultations. Beyond that, our team is always happy to chat about all things sustainability and answer any questions you may have!

We’re also proud to announce that we’ll be presenting at ISPO Munich 2022! Our CEO and Co-founder, Alex Todorovic, will be giving a talk: “From Snowpack to Impact - Why Measuring Your Carbon Footprint is Good for Your Business and The Planet,” on November 30th at 10:30 am in the Sustainability Hub.

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Sustainability and Sports