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Highlight product sustainability & differentiate your brand, without the hassle

Arbor's Shopify app helps you showcase the carbon footprint of your products with a product page widget. Get set up in 10 minutes and enhance your brand's appeal. Try it out, it’s free!
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Maximize your product’s appeal with authentic impact transparency

Boost your products' appeal by showcasing the carbon impact of your apparel. With Arbor's detailed emissions data, you can captivate environmentally-conscious shoppers and turn transparency into trust – and trust into transactions.

Grow customer engagement for being environmentally aware

Display your sustainability efforts on your product pages. Compare your product's carbon footprint against industry averages, offering insights that engage customers. Set your brand apart and boost sales.

Optimize your product line to be more climate friendly

Refine your apparel offerings for minimal environmental impact. Explore sustainable materials, assess the carbon footprint of various supplier locations, and understand how packaging reductions can lower emissions. We give you the data needed to make informed decisions, enhancing your product line's eco-friendliness.

Don’t just take our word for it

See how Arbor’s Shopify app helped Nudnik grow

Teaming up with Arbor has been a game-changer for our brand! By pulling back the curtain and showing the environmental footprint of our products, we’ve cranked up the trust factor with our customers to a whole new level! And guess what? Our conversion rates have skyrocketed by a whopping 28%! Arbor hasn’t just upgraded our customer engagement - it’s revolutionized it!”

Seth Leon QUEST Canada
Lindsay Lorusso
CEO & Co-founder
These are Nudnik’s improved metrics since installing Arbor
increase in total online sales
increase in returning customer rate
increase in conversation rate
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How does it work?


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Secure carbon footprint analysis

Arbor helps Shopify store owners measure their products' carbon footprint easily and securely. With straightforward tools that don't need you to be an expert, Arbor uses industry-trusted data to make sure everything is accurate and safe. Your product details are kept private, with no risk to your store.
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