Carbon Insights

Insights to eliminate your guess work

Arbor's Carbon Insights provide invaluable data to guide your climate related business decisions. Spotlight supply chain hotspots, refine product designs and reduce your overall carbon impact.
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Leverage Arbor's Carbon Insights to proactively cut down and prevent emissions across your entire supply chain

Hotspot Analysis
"With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, Arbor’s software streamlines impact assessments. We plan to continue our collaboration through 2023."

Unparalleled data quality

Data with a purpose

Arbor focuses on providing region-specific data, so you're not stuck relying on broad global averages. Alongside this, a robust Data Quality Rating (DQR) system ensures that each data point goes through a meticulous assessment. This system integrates primary and secondary data in every analysis and uses graded metrics for accurate accountability, offering you a more trustworthy and clear picture of your carbon landscape.

Multi-framework methodology

When it comes to measuring your carbon footprint, Arbor integrates multiple frameworks such as the GHG Protocol and PEFCR. This methodology approach empowers compliance with regulations and measures a product's lifecycle from cradle-to-gate. The added trust of being a GRI-certified platform further solidifies the credibility of the information you receive, making your path towards effective carbon management clearer.

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