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Brands are missing out on millions in revenue by lacking transparency

94% of customers want brands to be environmentally transparent and brands are leaving revenue on the table. Most brands have no budget for expensive sustainability consultants (sorry Ronald) and little time to do it themselves. Accurately measuring product emissions and effectively communicating your impact is hard to do. Arbor makes sustainability easy for you to increase customer's willingness to buy and target a new market of eco-conscious customers.

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I truly believe that Arbor has the technology to
accelerate the transition towards sustainable
e-commerce, and revolutionize the consumer

Juan Carlos Lopez Calvet

Director of Data, Schibsted

Sustainability is for everyone

Sadly, 94% of customers are missing environmental transparency from brands. Accurately displaying your environmental impact is hard, and a simple sustainability page won’t cut it anymore. Customers prefer to buy if they know they’re positively impacting the environment, but that’s not an option for most brands.

Until now. Sustainability should not just be for the big retailers but accessible for any business. Product sustainability is an agent for change; it helps you see the value in making sustainable product decisions and helps customers love the product even more. You could miss out on thousands if you’re not capitalizing on customer demands.

We’ve seen sustainability be a superpower for sustainability-focused brands, and that’s why we’re making it available to everyone to use. We’ve made it super easy to calculate and show off product emissions with no technical knowledge required. We want you to quickly realize the value, so it's 100% free to get started.

Alex Todorovic

CEO & Co-Founder

Have more questions?

Currently, we measure the CO2 emitted from all of the processes that lead up to making the material itself. Essentially we measure everything from the farm to the final step before actually manufacturing the final product. If we use a t-shirt as an example, we would be able to see the CO2 from the farm to the end material that is ready to cut and sew. All of the steps in between are also measured and the processes of converting raw cotton into the final cotton material are all measured.

Nobody likes a slow website. Our technology is built with a speed-first mindset. Pre-calculated impact values ensure that your site speed won’t be affected when you install the showcase widget.

Yes, we are fully compliant in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our legal team has worked hard for all of us to ensure we only collect necessary operational information. There is no personal information collected.

We believe that every brand should be able to measure the environmental impact of their products. Shopify-based brands are more typically in the growth stage of their business, where decreasing overall environmental impact is much easier. We want you to see the value in Arbor before deciding whether to buy a subscription. Our revenue comes from specialized features, typically not needed when you’re just starting your sustainability journey.

It only takes 5 minutes to get into the Arbor dashboard and start measuring product emissions. With the Shopify integration, we can pull in your products faster and easier than ever. To showcase product sustainability, all you need to do is install our widget on your site.

Our data sources typically come from NGOs or government agencies that aggregate data from researchers. We use the industry's best Life-cycle Assessment (LCA) data sources. Our methodology for calculations is scientific, double-verified, and research-based.

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