Plastikfreie Laufshorts Groow™

Arbor V1.0
Last measured 28 November 2023
100 g
0.76 kg CO2e
Emits 89% less than other shorts

Product Impact

The impact of this product is estimated to be 0.76 kg CO2e. That is enough CO2e to fill 383.8 party balloons.

89% less Emissions

Data Quality

Every data point we use to calculate a product’s impact is assigned a Data Quality Rating (DQR). Each DQR is assessed based on geographical, technological, and time-based representatives as well as the precision of data. An overall DQR is then assigned to the product based on the individual data points that make up each step in the process of making the product itself. The product’s final DQR is represented as a graded metric.


100% lyocell winqssports
Unknown Arbor

This material’s impact assessment was generated using Arbor’s proprietary region specific impact assessment model. This model takes into account a variety of factors such as electricity, trade behaviour, and transportation.

2 x cardboard,hangtag Arbor

The impact for this accessory was calculated by Arbor's Impact Team using PEF recommendations and defaults

Portugal winqssports

In this product’s impact assessment, Arbor’s Engine assumes that the manufacturing facility is powered by its nation’s standard electricity grid.

PEF Default Arbor

Arbor's system relied on PEF default values for shorts to determine the assembly time in the impact assessment of this product.

PEF Default Arbor

Arbor has used PEF defaults for shorts to determine whether ironing was required during this product's manufacturing/

PEF Default Arbor

The percentage of waste during the assembly process of this product was derived from PEF defaults for shorts

polybag Arbor

polybag was chosen in the impact assessment by using PEF defaults for shorts.

corrugated cardboard Arbor

corrugated cardboard was chosen in the impact assessment by using PEF defaults for shorts.

No transportation included

winqssports has not included any data related to the transportation of this product.

Compared to other shorts
100 g

100 g is the total weight used for all components.


In some cases, Arbor has estimated the product category.

Data Methodology

We use the EF v3.0 method in order to calculate the impact of our customers’ products. This method is recommended by the European Commission as a common way of measuring environmental performance.

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