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Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword

62% of consumers are willing to change the way they buy to reduce their environmental impact

Consumers today expect a business to care about more than just making money. 62% of consumers are willing to change the way they buy to reduce their environmental impact. And half are willing to pay a premium for sustainability - but if you’re here you likely already knew that.

Give your consumers more than just a product

Whether you are a sustainability expert, a socially responsible marketing manager or part of an innovation team, we have your back. The Arbor Dashboard is an automated and simple-to-use engine where you will see clear, reliable and relevant information about your sustainability performance including emissions to water quality, and waste.

What your customers see

Concise and easy to understand product impact calculations, showcased in real-world equivalents that give your customers the transparency that they want.

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Emissions, waste and water metrics for your product

Actions speak louder than words

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Key Features

Emissions, waste and water metrics for your product
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We've worked hard to create the best possible experience for your customers and in turn, we’re helping the bottom line of your business. Sites that have displayed our data have seen up to a 57% higher than average conversion rate. Below are just a few of the metrics we monitor closely to ensure you receive the best possible impact from your impact, every time:

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"I truly believe that Arbor has the technology to accelerate the transition towards sustainable e-commerce, and revolutionize the consumer experience."

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Juan Calvet

Schibsted E-Commerce & Distribution

"I am particularly excited about Arbor’s ability to help brands both become more sustainable and provide a crucial lift in their conversion metrics. The key differentiator is the qualitative automation that they embed at checkout."

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Gary Schwartz

President, Canadian Lenders Association

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