Streamline your business’s sustainability journey with our measurement tool

Automatically measure the environmental impacts of your products by utilizing the Arbor Dashboard.

How do we do it?

How do we do it?

Our dashboard automatically pulls in your existing product listings and analyzes each product based on category, material composition and weight. The Arbor Dashboard then calculates their individual footprint - all at the click of a button.
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What sets us apart?


Arbor’s process automatically generates estimations with little or no manual entry on your part. We take an in-depth look at your products and feed them into our engine. This step allows us to automate 80%-90% of what consultants would have to do, saving you both time and money.


Our database of millions of products gives you and your customers detailed insights into how your product compares to your competitors. The Arbor dashboard is built to measure unlimited products, so as your offerings grow and scale, our data scales with it.

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What about missing Information?

Our dashboard allows your team to add missing information easily, and our algorithm fills in the gaps with worst-case scenario estimations to prevent greenwashing.

How does it work?

Arbor’s Measure tool gives you the hidden metrics of your supply chain, that makes the full scope of sustainability accessible to your customers. We provide valuable impact insights across farmers, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers and vendors. We remove the gray area surrounding the full picture of a product’s journey.


Pull in product data, extract meaningful information

Use the most powerful supply chain visibility tool available. Understand your impact measurement at each step along the way. Our tool extracts meaningful product information, such as material composition and country of origin - and even pulls information directly from your website. Streamline your inventory integration and let our Machine Learning algorithms do the work.


Attribute information to geography and processes

Map the full depth of your supply chain. The breadth of data we collect gives us detailed information into the processes your product went through. Forget about greenwashing –when it comes to missing data, our engine uses worst case assumptions to ensure your claims are always validated.


Use industry leading LCA datasets to estimate product impacts

Unlock the detailed datapoints of your product's lifecycle. Our database contains millions of data points from the industry leading LCA datasets, and detailed, peer-reviewed research papers. For each step in your product’s lifecycle, we choose the data point that best aligns with the process giving you an estimation you can trust.


Estimate transportation

Automatically trace and estimate the final transportation impact from cradle to gate.


Summation of Impacts

Concise information on the total impact of your products. Our automated measurement process takes the work out of understanding the individual data points behind the impact of your products. All four steps, summed up into one easy to understand calculation.

Actions speak louder than words

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Unlock the potential of your business

Understand your sustainability metrics and in turn, increase your average order values, customer lifetime values, and reduce compliance risks. Position your business as a leader in sustainability.

The easiest sustainability measuring tool

Our impact calculation process is fully automated, with little to no data entry required - it’s the easiest way to leverage your business while saving time and resources. Our automation is your advantage.

Get one step ahead of incoming compliance regulations

Avoid the cost of delay. Reshape the sustainability of your supply chains to mitigate risks, and beat regulation related disruptions.

Understand your actual footprint

Did you know that up to 90% of green claims are misleading or unsubstantiated? The precise level of detail we analyze allows us to increase the impact differentiation between your products and provides validity to your sustainability claims.


"I truly believe that Arbor has the technology to accelerate the transition towards sustainable e-commerce, and revolutionize the consumer experience."

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Juan Calvet

Schibsted E-Commerce & Distribution

"I am particularly excited about Arbor’s ability to help brands both become more sustainable and provide a crucial lift in their conversion metrics. The key differentiator is the qualitative automation that they embed at checkout."

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Gary Schwartz

President, Canadian Lenders Association

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